China and Turkey as the starting point and end point of the ancient silk embroidery road

- Mar 07, 2019-

Organized by the Chinese Embassy in Turkey, Ergiyes University and the Turkish-Chinese Friendship Foundation, the exhibition features nearly 60 pieces of Chinese silk embroidery, covering landscapes, flowers, animals, figures and folk customs. After watching the exhibition, many teachers and students said that the exquisite silk embroidery art is amazing. Tu Yinmeng, the head of the Chinese department at Erciyes University, said that the plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum in the works of art represent the spiritual pursuit of ancient Chinese literati, and still enlighten the teachers and students who are currently learning Chinese in Turkey. The “Chinese Silk Embroidery Art Exhibition” was held at Ergiyes University in Kayseri Province, Turkey, and nearly 10,000 people watched the exhibition.

As the starting point and end point of the ancient Silk Road, China and Turkey have made important contributions to world cultural exchanges. In the new era, the economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries have continued to deepen. Muhammad Inbash, President of the University of Elgiyes, said that the Silk Road is the common wealth of ancient China and Turkey. Chinese is the link between China and Turkey in the new era. I hope that students can learn more about China and Turkey. Chinese culture, students looking forward to the Chinese major of the school have become friendly ambassadors to promote bilateral relations between China and Turkey.

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