Computer embroidery machine key configuration

- Dec 30, 2016-

1. Large luxury electric control system, basic configuration of BECS-322 three-phase (no trimmer)/BECS-328 (automatic thread trimming), and can be customized withoptional BECS-C18/C88/216/266/316/366/and other specifications for a variety ofhigh-end computer;

2. Spindle motor: according to the user request can be fitted with servo drive (Panasonic, Dai Hao), variable frequency drives, etc;

3. Frame-driven: full-servo or stepper drive options;

4. Original Japan import hook, original Italy Foshan megadyne belts;

5. The new linear motor direct drive Guide;

6. Automatic thread trimmer devices (optional).

7. Pin count: 4/6/9/12/15 needle heads: 1~50 head of the embroidery ranges: x-to: 150-1100mm,Y to: 300-1500mm.

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