Difference between single head embroidery machine and multi head embroidery machine

- Dec 30, 2016-

Single head embroidery machine with Multihead embroidery machine difference:

1. Head number
Single head embroidery machines and multi-Head embroidery machines on the main difference in their names have been clearly shown. Single head embroidery machine has only one head, embroidery embroidery the products, multi-Head embroidery machines with multiple heads and run more than one head at a time while completing more embroidery.

2. Applicable scope
Single head embroidery machine applies Yu single more volume less of orders, can for rich of personalized custom, set most function Yu a, using flexible, in family workshop, playing version room, big company of custom Department, has more application; and bulls embroidery machine applies Yu production processing, one-time completed more pieces embroidery products, production efficiency high, while fuselage also very huge, various processing factory using more.

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