Embroidery and fabric combinations

- Dec 30, 2016-

Commonly used fabrics by weaving methods divided into knitted fabrics and woven fabrics (cloth). Coils of the knitted fabric is composed of numerous vertical or horizontal loop connection, each loop passes through the needle into a trap after the process complete. Woven fabric is yarn and weft direction perpendicular woveninto cloth.

Knitted fabric, usually recommend the use of round needle, so you can avoid damage occurring in the process of knitted fabric in embroidery. Tip tip will cause breakage or fabric damage. Fine careful skillfully knitted fabrics, use a standard tip RG(or FFG) more, relatively coarse cloth, using FG round his mouth more.

For woven fabrics, DBXK5 75th RG tip with high quality embroidery punch.

High stability of the embroidery on fabrics to provide maximum protection. Whether slim or thick knitted fabric or woven fabric, needle beak is too big or too small,can cause irregular embroidery. Featured above is the actual embroidery results. The thickness of the needle and embroidery has a greater impact on the fabric itself, production best embroidery before the test to choose the right types of embroidery stitches, can effectively protect the fabric intact, and extend the life of embroidery stitches, cost savings, important is the maximum guarantee of quality embroidery flat.

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