Embroidery machines-mechanical and electrical principles

- Dec 30, 2016-

Embroidery machines-mechanical and electrical works:

First with embroidery CAD software sedan, generated sample version Hou, will contains has embroidery program and the pattern of disc has respectively into computer disk drive in the, in program Xia, computer will pattern coordinates value into and stretched box x, and y direction displacement volume volume quite of signals, sent to x, and y, and z single tablets machine system for motor lifting speed processing Hou, output three-phase six took,, line motor of amplifier box for power zoom, red support x, and y step into motor, led stretched box completed x, and y between of into to movement; while drive z step into motor, Drive the needle movingup and down, so that the embroidery consecutively.

Z step into motor through synchronization tooth shaped with, drive head drive institutions rotating, head of specific institutions makes leads institutions and machine needle lead with surface line made, and Xia movement, puncture fabric; hook line institutions in the of spin shuttle rotating, makes surface line bypass hid has bottom line shuttle shell; pick line institutions movement, conveying surface line, tightened line track, prepared next line track of surface line segment. X, y step motor by synchronous belt drives, such as silk box and fabric for Planar motion. Fabric on each embroidery stitch to needle, the needle moves up and down speed and tensionand the box directions, the coordinated movement of mobile content and mobilespeed, line and the bottom line stranded, double threads lock stitch in the fabric.When embroidery consecutively, and complete range of embroidery.

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