Embroidery thread

- Dec 30, 2016-

Embroidery thread embroidery line, with high quality natural fibers or fiber madeby spinning.

According to applications usually fall into line and the bottom line in two broad categories.
Common embroidery threads are the following

Rayon-commonly used in noodle

Polyester-commonly used in noodle

Gold line-often used to line

Cotton-often used in the bottom line (in principle, use 80~120# thread)

Common method of embroidery used embroidery thread

Flat embroidery embroidery: 120D/2 polyester yarn, 120D/2 rayon, flat gold common gold

Flat heavy thread embroidery: 603 polyester thread

Towel embroidery: 120D/2 rayon, 300D rayon

Sequin embroidery: fish silk

To obtain high quality embroidery, embroidery thread support is also critical, including the quality of the embroidery thread itself and right on the line. Quality embroidery thread, color fastness, gloss, firmness of the line itself is unquestionable. Tothe correct line should pay attention to: the embroideries to maintain stable tension. Lines must be fine and smooth. Twisting direction is left twisting, not twisted pines.

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