How to DIY a embroidery design on the material you want?

- May 18, 2017-

How to DIY a embroidery design on the material you want?

First, you need buy a embroidery machine. This machine can be either big or small. 

For example, a single head embroidery machine with 12 needles shown in the image below. 

Oversize is 840*840*930mm

net weight: 135kg

It can embroider on cap, tshirt, flat and other material like fabric, pinafore and etc...

single head t shirt embroidery.jpg

Second, Thread is a must for the embroidery with machine just like crossstitch. You can choose Ployester threads, 75D, 80D, 120D... It depends on the material you want to embroider.

embroidery thread.jpg

Third,A digitizing software is needing to make a design by yourself if you want to do all the work alone. You can also ask a design shop to help with the design. A very economical software is recommended to you as shown below.

embroidery digitizing software.jpg

After all the basic instruments are ready, you will find a delicate design work waiting for you.

embroidery design work.jpg

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