How to play good embroidery

- Dec 30, 2016-

Lay the embroidered version requires two essential elements:

How to play a high quality embroidered version is part of many embroidery industry are very concerned about. Embroidery is carried out using embroidery softwarethis tool.

1. Authentic embroidery software

You want to have a good embroidery, tools must be better, that embroidery embroidery software to use genuine software. Embroidery software piracy in the market there are many easy to get, but use pirated embroidery software how to use only the heart knows best. This feeling comes from the encounter to come to consultoften guests of the embroidery software. Embroidery digitizing a way is like drawing, painting tool brush, embroidery digitizing embroidery software is the tool. Just imagine, if a painter or a painting of people, if broken or paint his brush is often impure and that his work will eventually happen? Picture how long paint can reflecttheir piece of work. A rich experience of the master sedan, if he used in the embroidery digitizing software is not perfect, he is also unable to produce a perfect embroidery program.

2. Consider other embroidery-related factors

If you want to play well, you also need to consider the other factors related to embroidery. Use fabrics and embroidery designs, embroidery and so on. If deformation occurs eventually embroideries, consider whether you need with shrinkage compensation to make the embroidery pattern of shapes, or you can try to use the stitch embroidery stitches to stabilize embroidery fabric. If stitches-rough or uneven,you can use the automatic, shrinkage and short stitches, fine tune the values, and smart corner in order to achieve smooth, uniform stitches.

On how to be able to play well embroidered version of the above two points are the most basic concerns. Embroidery digitizing embroidery designs are some of the different according to different application tips, these need to be attentive to plate-making Division in their daily work.

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