The daily maintenance of embroidery machine

- Dec 06, 2017-

The daily maintenance of embroidery machine

The knowledge of maintenance

         Cleaning parts                       interval time         Remarks

(1)Air filter net of the stepper motor drive box  once a week

(2)Air filter net of the power box             once a week

(3)Frame driving guide                     once a week

(4)Needle bar seat skateboarding groove    before adding oil

(5)Hook                                 before adding oil     clean with a brush

(6)Thread pick spring                         everyday  

Other parts

Maintenance parts and lubrication parts         interval time     

(1)Thread take-up gear                      a week

(2)Dalian bar and front and back metal parts   a week

(3)Slideway groove of needle bar seat         a week

(4)Slider section of needle bar                a week     

(5)Hook                               once a twice a day     

(6)Spindle gear                             a week                  

(7)Drive chain                        twice or thrice a month

(8)An active shaft driven by a needle rod       a week

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