The difference between stereo and bench in computerized embroidery machine

- Dec 30, 2016-

1. Functions

Vertical home embroidery machine embroidery process biased, more perfect, and industrial embroidery machines is very close to this point, elaborate embroidery can be processed. Horizontal household embroidery machine models focus on sewing and embroidery features a single, weak. Because of this functional difference, horizontal (desktop) home computer embroidery machine embroidery machines sewing machine or embroidery.

2. Covers an area

Home embroidery machine, vertical width usually less than a meter high, less clever, easy to move, is the ordinary family clothing embroidery processing preferredmodels for self-employed or engaged in the family workshop. Desktop home useembroidery Captain relatively smaller width to height, but because it is a horizontal models, when you use need to be placed on the table, so that their volume.

3. Embroidery stitch number/the number of colors

Vertical home embroidery machines usually 12 or 15 pins, that is, one you can embroider 12 or 15 color patterns, embroidery colors of no more than 12 or 15 cases, one stitch. A wider range of embroidery. Horizontal household embroidery machine single needle on the market more, occasionally visible four or six pins, embroidered colors, four or six colors, colors many other process adjustments are required, and will have some influence on the efficiency or embroidery.

4. Embroidery area

Vertical home embroidery machines embroidery area is relatively large, 36*50cm,or you can choose x axis long box devices expand the embroidery area. Horizontal (desktop) home computer embroidery machines embroidery area of General 10*10cm,16*26cm, or 23*30cm, and so on.

5. Embroidery machine speed

Home embroidery machine, vertical speed is relatively high, especially in Tajima embroidery machines for domestic use for most, have achieved high speed stableoperation, stitch to a maximum 1200 stitches per minute, adjustable speed. Horizontal household embroidery machines usually only hundreds of stitches per minute.

To sum up, home embroidery machine, vertical and horizontal household embroidery machine easily distinguishable. Users can choose according to their needs in the most cost-effective of the embroidery machine.

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