What is embroidery

- Dec 30, 2016-

Computer embroidery embroidery activity is usually carried out using computerized embroidery machine. Plate Division plate installation software, computer embroidery on play, plate design to make a good pattern via floppy disk or a USB memory stick to the computer embroidery machine, embroidery machines embroidery under the control of the computer.

Embroidery plate also known as marker or play with, according to color your artwork or samples provided by the customer, made with special computer software can read by computerized embroidery machine, embroidery flowers, guiding embroidery machine and frame design process of various kinds of sports. The designers of this process is to make the Division. The term is derived from the mechanicalembroidery machine to punch holes in paper tape to record the stitch, but whether it is mechanical or electronic embroidery machine, record stitch is designed to let the function identify and implement its actions.

Use of computerized embroidery machine, usually 6 times smaller than normal size drawings, manuscripts can be put on the number plate, consistent with the direction of the designs in machine embroidery, rows of straight and stable as possible.Loft is the most important research in the play version, planning starting points, planning layout arrangement of paths, color-change, change order, and skipped stitches, plan the pattern stitch density required. Amplification patterns should be exact replicas of the draft plan. The Division is responsible for the conversion into machine language for a specific machine. Division of technology is very important in this process, requires exhibit designers thinking, ensure the quality and appearanceof embroidery, but the basic requirement is to use the appropriate PIN number the manuscript proper amplification, and with the proper tension, fabric spreading on the machine correctly. Division is like a diamond-cutting, his skill level determinesthe final color of embroidery.

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