Hot Sale Product 2 Head Computerized Embroidery Machine Cap/flat Embroidery Machine

Hot Sale Product 2 Head Computerized Embroidery Machine Cap/flat Embroidery Machine

Hot sale product 2 head computerized embroidery machine cap/flat embroidery machine *2 heads Embroidery Machine *High Speed Embroidery Machine *Cap Embroidery Machine *T shirt Embroidery Machine *Flat Embroidery Machine *Sequin Embroidery Machine *Shoes Embroidery Machine *Guangzhou Embroidery...

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Product Details

Hot sale product 2 head computerized embroidery machine cap/flat embroidery machine2 heads 12 needles 4.jpg2 heads 12 needles 1.jpg

Machine Specifications


Multi Function

Cap/ T-shirt/ Flat/ Garment/ Jacket/ Leather/ 3D Embroidery


Speed: 1000RPM

Embroidery Area

400*400mm per head


Maine Axis

Servo Motor * 1

X-Y Axis

Stepper Motor * 2

X, Y Driving

Reinforced high speed linear guide rail

Control Board

Standard: 10” True Color LCD Screen


Japanese Rotary Hook

Memory Capacity

Standard: 20,000,000 Stitches matched with 200 patterns

Max. Color Change

Auto start and color change, 200 times color change setted

Design Input

By U disk, USB and Transmission from PC to Control System

Readable Data

Compatible with designs of Tajima (DST), Barudan (DSB) and etc.

Safety Device

Standard: Emergency Stop

Multi Languages

12 languages: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese

Main Parts

Japanese Rotary Hook, Germany Groz-Beckert Needles, Italy Brand Belt

Embroidery Trimming

Automatic trimming


AC110-220V, adaptable for any voltage, 50-60HZ

Optional Device

Sequin, Double Sequin, Boring, Cording, Laser trace Device, 8-in-1 Hoop Set, Shoes Device

2. Control System (10”New Technology Screen System, Direct Photo Embroidery, no need degitizing)

A. Color LCD display showing real time stitching
B. Manual, Semi-auto, Auto Color Change
C. Function keys including Menu, Speed up and slow
D. Multi languages available
E. Frame-moving keys, Manual Trimming
F. DOT ket to return to 100 degree
G. Start, Stop, and emergency Stop
H. Embroidery Status (Page Up/Page Down), USB Input,
I. Parameter Settings, Clear, ESC, Enter, etc.
J. Numeric keys for selection of needles

Control System

Automatic trimming


Automatic cutting


Automatic color change


Thread broken detecting


Memory size

20,000,000 stitches/200 embroidery design patterns

Font/letter software


Error code


Real-time stitching


Different languages setting


USB port, network transferring design


Led light


3. Frames/ Hoops Included (Hoops are for Finished Garments Embroidery)

A. 2 sets of 9*9 cm T-shirt hoop per head Total: 4 sets

B. 2 sets of 12*12 cm T-shirt hoop per head Total: 4 sets

C. 2 sets of 15*15 cm T-shirt hoop per head Total: 4 sets

D. 2 sets of 19*19 cm T-shirt hoop per head Total: 4 sets

E. 2 sets of 29*29 cm T-shirt hoop per head Total: 4 sets

F. 1 piece of Flat Embroidery Frame: 500*800mm

4. Caps Embroidery Device Included (Cap rings * 4, Hoop station * 1, Cap driver * 2)

5. Groz-beckert Needles and Japan Koban Rotary Hook Included

6. Standing table with wheels included

7. Bobbin Winder included

8. 16GB USB driver included

9. Instruction Manual

10. A whole set free easy damaged spare parts for your future replacement

11. 100 free designs for testing your machine.

Pictures for your reference

Cap Embroidery Picture

T-shirt (Finished garment) embroidery picture

Flat embroidery picture

Embroidery Samples:

Computer Embroidery Machine, suitable for all commercial embroidery needs, which can embroider caps, flats, bags, finished garments and more.

Machine embroidery is an embroidery process whereby a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles. It is used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. Hobbyists also embroider for personal sewing and craft projects.

It also can be installed and equipped with extra device: such as sequin device, beads device, boring device, cording device, 8-in-1 hoop set, shoes device according to your requirements.

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