1 Single Head Embroidery Machine And 1 Set Of 4 Head Embroidery Machine Were Shipped Today

- Jan 05, 2018-

1 single head embroidery machine and 1 set of 4 head embroidery machine were shipped today 

Embroidery machine for customer in Uganda and Cameroun have been packed and shipped as expected. 

Feel free to contact Nicki---whatsapp# +8618696118389 for more information of the machines and cost for both machine and shipping cost!

single head 15 needles/threads/colors high speed embroidery machine 

10" LCD display with as many as 12 different kinds of languages

1200 stitching speed per minute

360*510mm flat embroidery area

cap/hat embroidery, tshirt embroidery, flat embroidery 

single head embroidery machine.jpg

4 head 12 needles/colors/threads embroidery machine 

850 stitching speed per minute 

10" LCD display with 12 languages 

4 head embroidery machine .jpg

embroidery machine shipment .jpg

4 head embroidery machine shipment .jpg

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