Computer Embroidery Machine How To Needle Bar Bottom Dead Point

- Dec 29, 2016-

Many embroidery factory will encounter this problem, most are professional technicians in the plant. Require regulating computer embroidery machines and dead center under the needle bar should do nothing. The computer embroidery machine needles are collected, for your reference.

Dead center under the needle bar adjustment process of computer embroidery machine

1. Open the needle plate.

2. Color-change to the need to adjust the needle bar position.

3. The scale goes to 178 degrees.

4. Depressing the needle bar, make the dead into transmission blocks, such as fingers, loosen the bottom dead point screws.

5. He Feng special bottom dead point gauge across the hook on the aluminum frame, and pulled the needle bar needle clamp.

6. Loosen the bottom dead point screw, press the needle bar down (make sure theneedle bar down the bottom dead point gauge), and dead center under the locking screws.

7. Confirm gauge and no gaps can be removed, turn the dial to 0 degrees, loosenthe top dead center screw, with the index finger or middle finger to press down on the needle bar and thumb upward against the upper dead point quick and dead center on the locking screw.

Note: when the dead under the 1, transfer, needle clamp should be noticed. 2, adjust the after bottom dead point, top dead center must be adjusted, but after top dead center, dead under needs no adjustment.

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