Computer Embroidery Machine Needle, How Well Do You Know

- Dec 30, 2016-

1. Flat needles, mainly used to delineate contours and details.

2. Double-needle, the line twice in the back and forth between two points.

3. Wire pins, line three times back and forth between two points.

4. The satin stitch, ping Bao Zhen (or Ed needle) used to embroider some slender,curving round. Drawing in embroidery, needle first wore a hole in the side graphics, then wear a hole in the graphic on the other side and then, stitch line across thegraph while no falling needles.

5. Complex fill stitches through the control of fallen needles point, stitching can occur on a specified pattern. Add design elements.

6. Wave fill stitches, stitch direction track manipulation, you can connect a variety ofcurve or arc pattern.

7. A satin stitch, mainly used to fill shapes embroidered lines of slender, curved satin stitch lines and three-dimensional sense stitches are all very strong and vivid.

8. The tatami stitch, mainly used for fill stitch areas or irregular shapes, it is by special arrangement of a single needle.

9. E PIN e pin looks like a comb, is mainly used in wrapping or fill stitch was quite graphic. Is most commonly used in set embroidered edging for e stitch can better follow a drawing borders.

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