Customer Came To WONYO Factory For Free Training On How To Use The Embroidery Machines

- Nov 27, 2017-

Customer came to WONYO factory for free training on How to use the embroidery machines

Last Friday, customer from Ivory Coast came to WONYO Embroidery Machine factory to check more machines and learn how to use the machines. 

At the very beginning, sales manager Nicki introduced all the models to customer and they are very satisfied with the working and operation. After checking the working details and spare parts related, customer placed another order for 2 heads 15 needles high speed embroidery machine. This machine has developed a lot with some spare parts adjustment, it is with lower noise now. 

2 head embroidery machine.jpg

For the second day, factory and I specially work for these two customers though it's Saturday already. 

To make sure all the aspects has been considered, they follow the steps and learn everything .

  1. How to operat the machine 

  2. how to choose the correct hoop module on the computer according to the hoop size regarding tshirt hoop, flat hoop and cap attachment 

  3. how to mount the cap attachment, how to fix the tshirt hoop and how to put the flat table and flat aluminum hoop 

  4. how to 3D embroider on caps 

  5. how to add oil to the machine

  6. how to adjust the machine if there is some problem such as: main axis not at 100, no needle position, main axis not turning....

how to do 3D cap embroidery .jpg

customer placed order in WONYO factory .jpg

ivory coast customer coming to place order in WONYO embroidery machine factory .jpg

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