Customer From Uzbekistan Visited WONYO Embroidery Machine Factory

- Dec 29, 2017-

Customer from Uzbekistan visited WONYO embroidery machine factory

On 2017-12-29, two customers from Uzbekistan visied WONYO embroidery machine factory and office locating in Shenzhen, China. 

They landed Shenzhen international airport and boss Tony of wonyo company picked them up and guide them to check the quality of embroidery machine in the factory. 

After checking the quality,they are very satisfied with the machines and learnt how to embroider and how to digitiz with the support of WONYO sales. 


Do you want to know more about the machines?

Please feel free to contact Sales Manager Nicki ( whatsapp# +8618696118389) for quotation and working videos, and factory reviews. 

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