Embroidery Machine Basic Knowledge

- Mar 08, 2019-

 I. Basic configuration of computer embroidery
1. Computer embroidery machine operation manager, computer embroidery designer, computer embroidery production personnel.
2. Computer embroidery machine, sewing machine, face line division machine, bottom line division machine, paper cut knife.
3. Cut all kinds of embroidery pieces, cloth, etc..
4. Design software and patterns.
5. Face lines, bottom lines, line oil, line wax of various colors.
6. Various models of embroidery needles, carved needles, scissors, and open knives.
7. Various specifications of paper, hot melt glue, water solution, wax paper, oil paper.
8. Different sticky double-sided glue.
9. The spray required for embroidery.
10. Embroidery openings and yarn nets required for production.
II. Embroidery Embroidery
Embroidery, commonly known as "embroidery", is a technique that organizes embroidery lines into various patterns and colors on fabrics that have been processed.
&; & lt; 8226; Color embroidery refers to the embroidery techniques that use various colored embroidery lines to control the pattern patterns. It has the characteristics of embroidered flat clothes, rich needlework, fine lines, and vivid colors. It has many applications in clothing accessories. The color changes of color embroidery are also very rich. It uses lines to write, and through the overlapping, juxtaposition, and interlacing of various color embroidery lines, it produces Chinese and good color effects. In particular, with the needle needle method to express the subtle changes in the pattern color is the most distinctive, the color depth and shallow Fusion, with the rendering effect of Chinese painting.
&; & lt; 8226; The main feature of bag stem embroidery is to use the thicker line to bottom or use the cotton bottom to raise the pattern, and then use embroidery thread embroidery, generally using the flat stitch method. The pedicel embroidery pattern is beautiful and elegant, full of three-dimensional, decorative, also known as high embroidery, in the embroidery is called convex embroidery. The pedicel embroidery is suitable for embroidery with smaller patterns and narrow petals, such as chrysanthemum and plum blossoms, and is generally embroidered with monochrome lines.
&; & lt; 8226; Embroidery, also known as building empty embroidery, is a certain difficulty, the effect is very unique embroidery. Its biggest feature is that during the embroidery process, according to the pattern needs to be trimmed out of holes, and in the cut holes, a variety of patterns are embroidered in different ways, so that the embroidery surface has both free and generous field flowers and beautiful floor flowers., Contrasting with reality, full of fun. Embroidery is elegant and exquisite.
&; & lt; 8226; Embroidery embroidery, also known as embroidery embroidery, is a form of embroidery that embroidered other fabrics on clothing. The embroidery in Chinese embroidery also belongs to this category. The embroidery method is to cut the decorative cloth according to the pattern requirements, paste on the embroidery surface, and can also pad the cotton and other things between the decorative cloth and the embroidered surface, so that the pattern rises and has a three-dimensional feel. After the patch, lock the edges with various needles. Embroidery embroidery is simple, the pattern is based on block surface, and the style is unique and generous.
&; & lt; 8226; Nail thread embroidery, also known as disc stitch embroidery or thread embroidery, is an embroidery method in which various ribbons and ropes are embroidered on clothing or textiles according to a certain pattern. There are two commonly used nail methods: bright nail and dark nail. The former needle is exposed to the online stem, and the latter is hidden in the thread stem. The thread embroidery method is simple, has a long history, and its decorative style is elegant and generous. In recent years, it has been used more in kimonos. Pearl embroidery, also known as Pearl embroidery, is based on hollow beads, beads, artificial gems, Flash beads, etc.. It is embroidered on costumes to produce pearly jewels and dazzling effects. It is generally applied to stage performances. To increase the beauty and attractiveness of clothing, it is also widely used on footwear, bags, jewelry boxes and so on.
&; & lt; 8226; Cross embroidery, also known as the cross peach flower, is a traditional embroidery method widely circulated in the people. The needle method is very simple, that is, according to the latitude and longitude orientation of the fabric, the same size of oblique cross-shaped traces are arranged into the required design pattern. Due to its needlework characteristics, cross-stitch patterns are generally simple in shape, rigorous in structure, and often have a symmetrical layout pattern style. There are also realistic styles of patterns, and the subject matter is mostly natural flowers and plants. Cross embroidery has a strong folk decoration style.
&; & lt; 8226; The ribbon embroidery, also known as flat embroidery, is directly embroidered on the fabric with ribbons as embroidery threads. Beautiful embroidered luster, rich color, striking pattern and three-dimensional sense, is a novel and unique and service decoration form. Drainage embroidery is a very special category in embroidery. The embroidery method is to remove a certain amount of warp yarn and weft yarn from the fabric first according to the part of the design pattern, and then use the cloth left on the cloth surface. Use embroidery thread to make regular winding knot, make through the holes of the yarn, combined into a variety of patterns and patterns. Embroidery with yarn embroidery has a unique net eye effect, beautiful and delicate, Lingban pick through, decorative very strong. Due to the difficulty of transmission, most of the gauze embroidery patterns are simple geometric lines and blocks, and they are beautifully embellished in a piece of embroidery.
&; & lt; 8226; Poked yarn embroidery, also known as Na Jin, is one of the traditional embroidery forms. It is strictly embroidered on the base of the square yarn. Poking embroidery is not only beautiful, but also rich changes with the horizontal, straight, and oblique arrangement of the lines, but the empty eyes between the patterns must be aligned.
III. Principles of Embroidery Machinery and Electrical Appliances
Embroidery machines are also called embroidery machines or computer embroidery machines. The working principle of embroidery machines is: first use embroidery mechanism software to sample, generate a sample version(Embroidery machine printing), and place the discs containing embroidery programs and patterns into computer disks. Drive, Under the control of the program, the computer replaces the figure coordinate value with an electrical signal equivalent to the displacement amount in the direction of the frame X and Y, and sends it to the X, Y, and Z monolithic system for motor lift speed processing and outputs the three-phase six-beat signal. The power discharge box of the motor performs power amplification, red branch X, Y stepper motor, with a dynamic tension frame to complete the feed movement between X and Y; At the same time driving the Z stepping motor, with a motive needle for up and down movement, so that the embroidery continues.
The Z stepping motor rotates through the drive mechanism of the synchronous gear belt, and the specific mechanism of the head causes the lead mechanism and the needle to lead the surface line to make, move down, and puncture the fabric; The rotating shuttle in the hook mechanism rotates so that the surface line bypasses the hidden bottom line shuttle shell; Picking mechanism movement, conveying the surface line, tightening the line track, preparing the next line line line section. X, Y stepping motor through the synchronous gear belt and other mechanisms to drive the silk frame and fabric for plane motion. Send each stitch point on the fabric to the needle embroidery, the speed of the needle up and down and the direction of the frame movement, the amount of movement and the movement speed of the coordinated movement, so that the surface line and the bottom line twisted, on the fabric to make a double wire lock. When the embroidery continues continuously, the computer embroidery of the figure is completed.

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