Embroidery Machine Order

- Dec 30, 2016-

1. According to cargo requirements, colored lines and the color line has been installed, adjusted the tension of the bottom line.

2. Covered with paper flapping, with clamping clips on both ends. And then covered with gauze, cloth sandwiched around the plate, clamp the gauze.

3. A good bit, and set the various parameters required for embroidery.

4. Put double-sided adhesive tape on the gauze, in the open position of the pieces on the upper, cut pieces of embroidery parts fully coincides with the opening, both hands pressed pieces, pieces snugly in gauze, preventing the pieces out.

5. Turner put the CD yet, should make it clear cut pieces from top to bottom. both sides recognize each order placement line.

6. Toggle the switch to the right, you can start the machine, computer embroidery machine for embroidery began at this time. Toggle the switch to the left, then the machine stops.

7. In the process of embroidering, such as leaky needle, skipped stitches, removestrands should be back in Compensation, and keep the pieces clean.

8. When embroidery is complete good workers to recover the pieces according to the provisions of code. several steps above again contributes to production.

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