Embroidery Machine Principle

- Apr 09, 2017-

With embroidery CAD software first plate making, making sample, after carrying the embroidery process and pattern of the disc successively in computer disk drives, respectively under program control, the computer will be synchronized coordinates and stretched box for X, Y direction displacement quantity of electrical signals, to the X, Y, Z microcontroller system for motor speed after processing, the output three-phase six is, the line of the motor power amplifier power amplifier box, red X, Y, stepper motor, belt dynamic tension frame complete feed movement between X and Y;Stepper motor driver Z at the same time, with the motive needle moves up and down, which makes the embroidery even continue to proceed.
Z stepper motor through the synchronous cog belt drive transmission mechanism rotating the nose, the nose of the specific institutions make the lead agency and needle take the lead in the line, the movement, piercing the fabric;Hook the hook line agencies rotation, make line bypass the bobbin case with bottom line;Pick line, the motion of the conveyor line, tighten the line mark, the face of the preparation for your next stitch lines.X, Y, stepper motor through institutions such as synchronous cog belt drive is moving silk box, and the fabric.Fabrics sent to each to embroider line mark points on the needle embroidery, needle up and down movement of the moving velocity and tension frame, moving in the direction of the quantity and speed of movement coordination, twisted line and the bottom line, make double lock type line mark on fabric.When the embroidery continuously, to complete the computer embroidery designs.

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