FAQ---Frequently Asked Questions about Processing Embroidery Machines

- Dec 29, 2016-

1. Bottom too == adjust the pressure plate and thread tension shuttle tension evenly

2. Pin-sharp edge cut== replacement needle.

3. The thickness of the needle and embroidery thread not == according to the embroidery thread select the thickness of the thickness of the needle types.

4. Rotating hook tip creepy == polishing rotating hook tip or change the hook.

5. Line == Silicon oil lubrication.

6. Shuttle creepy line delay == sanding or polishing the willies.

7. Take-up lever Kong Famao == sand leather.

8. Eyeliner Gou Kong eerily == sand leather.

9. Kong Famao == needle plate with sand leather pull.

10. Clip, cord grip screws creepy == sand leather.

11. Positioning Gou Famao == sand leather.

12. Positioning hooks and shuttles unreasonable == gap clearance adjust the clearance.

13. Wire tightener clamp wire failure == clear rubbish from the tightener.

14. Groove direction == adjust needle slot Captain slot on the operator.

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