Happy And Long-term Cooperation With Embroidery Machine Customer From Maldives

- Nov 29, 2017-

Happy and long-term cooperation with embroidery machine customer from Maldives 

On Nov.27th,2017,Maldives customers come to visit our company.The professional international business sales are greatly glad to introduce our products.In the process of introducing our products,they are happy and patient to solve any questions from customers. 

With the new 2 head 15 needles high speed embroidery machine, customer learnt how to thread for the machine, how to oil the embroidery machine, how to operate the comuter system, and how to use the hoops to embroider on caps, tshirt and flat fabric and etc...

New model 2 head 15 needles high speed embroidery machine 

new model 2 head embroidery machine_副本.jpg

 Customer from Maldives was on training how to use the embroidery machine

maldives customer_副本.jpg   Photo of lovely customer and professional sales 

embroidery machine maldives_副本.jpg

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