Introduction For WONYO Computerized Single Head Cap Embroidery Machine

- Nov 24, 2017-

Introduction for WONYO computerized single head cap embroidery machine 

smallest single head embroidery machine_副本.jpg

Application:clothing,cap,toy and other industries.Especially for customized small shops ,fashion company ,design room,school teaching which require more function and small volume production.

Equipment introduction:

1. Power-off Protection:when the power supply suddenly cut off, the machine can search the suspended state before the outage and continue to embroider.

2. Pattern rotation and scale up/down: to enlarge and reduce pattern in accordance with1%unit increment,ranging from 50% to 200%. to rotate pattern from 0-89degrees in accordance with1%unit increment.

3. The frame can be moved according to the stitch,color change and designated numbers of needles.

4. Automatic color change ,electromagnet drive automatic deduct thread,stepper motor hooking,automatic thread break detection ,new platen,strong hardness,high wear resistance.

5. It is convent to free change between flat embroidery ,cap embroidery and garment embroidery.large memory capacity,the system can store one million needles and 200 pattern.

6. It can rotate,zoom,copy,delete,edict patterns,realizing software limit,convent garment embroidery ,cap embroidery and other special embroidery.

7. Suitable for personalized and customized embroidery pattern for shops,clothing company proofing, the tailor’s,school teaching, new embroidery shop starting machine,embroidery enthusiasts.

8. It is light and flexible,placing on the workbench,using special frame;it is easy to move and carry ;low noise,little influence on the surrounding environment;beautiful appearance ;suitable for the business environment of the shops.

9. It can be adjusted according to the thickness of fabric

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