New Model Portrait/ Photo Stitch Embroidery No Need Digitizing

- Sep 05, 2018-

WONYO R & D Department launched a New Technololy Software 

---- Direct Portrait/ Photo Stitch Embroidery! 

Single head 15 Needles, with 10”new technology software, direct portrait/ photo stitch embroidery!

Embroidery area: 360*510mm, high speed: 1200SPM, suitable for all commercial embroidery need, 

which can embroider Caps, flats, bags, t-shirts, finished garments, 3D puff and more! Multi functional!

single head embroidery machine.jpg

Looking for Agents/ Distributors from all over the world!


Welcome to contact Christina Meng

Tel/ WhatsApp: +86-18261729837  

Skype/wechet: tinameng227


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