Single Head Embroidery Machine Reviews and Introduction

- Dec 29, 2016-

  Single Head Embroidery Machine is a kind of machine which can make embroidery on caps, hat, tshirt, clothes, pants, towels, pinafore and etc. In WONYO embroidery machine, there are 12 and 15 needles/colors/threads for this single head embroidery machine. With the highest speed as 1200 stitches per minute. For example, if your design size is 600stitches, which means you can make 2 pieces in one minute. Since different customers have different demands for the embroidery area, some need bigger one, some need smaller one. So WONYO factory manufactures two different embroidery area to meet customers' request: one is with 360*510mm, the other one is with 360*1200mm. Both embroidery machines can add other device for sequin, cording, boring, taping and bead embroidery. Any material you want to embroider with, we can help to realize it. 

sequin embroidery

boring embroidery

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