WONYO 2 Head, 6 Head And 8 Head Embroidery Machine Shipping To Amercia, Africa

- Jul 03, 2017-

WONYO 2 head, 6 head and 8 head embroidery machine shipping to Amercia, Africa

The customer of WONYO embroidery machine is from the worldwide. In 1 week, one sales of the international business department has shipped 3 machine to different countries: Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana and Paraguay. 

2 Head 15 threads high speed Embroidery Machine Package 

2 head 15 needles embroidery machine.jpg

Spare parts and accessories including:

embroidery machine spare parts.jpg

embroidery machines spare parts.jpg

6 Head 12 Needles Machine Embroidery Package:

6 head.JPG

8 Head 9 Needles Cap & Polo Shirt embroidery machine 

8 head embroidery machine .jpg

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