WONYO Embroidery Machine Will Help Make Outdoor Clothes Embroidery And Logo Embroidery

- Nov 22, 2017-

On November.18th,2017,the employees of Shenzhen Wonyo embroidery machine factory and office  took part in the twenty-third phase of Shenzhen speeding outdoor activities which is a public welfare organizationcrossing east and west coastIts a group that has almost one hundred people .Under the leadership of speeding outdoor organization,we achieved great success.

The east and west coast line is located in the Dapeng Peninsula of Shenzhen city Longgang District.It is the most classic and entry-level walking line for outdoor enthusiasts.The coastline is about 4 kilometers ,and the mileage is 9 kilometers.We can enjoy the blue sky ,beaches,sea rocks ,caves bright sunshine and fresh air.

The significance of outdoor sports for us is not just an adventure,its the process that we help each other ,get over difficulties,and achieve success.We give new version and change another lifestyle for ourselves! ! !

For the next time, you will see our logo embroidery on caps, tshirt, shoes made by WONYO Embroidery Machines :) 

psb.jpgtshirt embroidery .jpg


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