8 Head Computerized 9 Needles Embroidery WY1208C

8 Head Computerized 9 Needles Embroidery WY1208C

8 head computerized 12 needles embroidery WY1208C Wonyo 8 heads computerized 12 needles embroidery machine is suitable for cap, t-shirts, finished garment, jacket, leather clothes flat embroidery and shoes, bag and so on . 6 head cap embroidery machine with 9 or 12 needles for sale. Email:liz at...

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 8 head computerized 12 needles embroidery WY1208C 

 Wonyo 8 heads computerized 12 needles embroidery machine is suitable for cap, t-shirts, finished garment, jacket, leather clothes flat embroidery  and  shoes, bag and so on . 8 heads cap embroidery machine with 9 or 12 needles for sale.




Email:liz at wonyo.com


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1.Suitable for flat embroidery, cap embroidery and finished garments embroidery 
2. Free changing between finished garments frame ang cap frame
3.Pattern auto rotation with 180°after changing cap frame unit
4.270° wide cap frame unit
5. Maximum speed 1000 RPM
6. Color LCD display showing real time stitching 
7. USB input port with fast data transmission and good compatibility 
8. Auto star and color change,200times color change setted
9. Thread break detection 
10. Pre-sew design trace capable 
11. Memory size 2, 000, 000 stitches  with 200 patterns
12. Emergency stop ,Prevent accidents
13. Electricity: AC86-264V input available
14. Built-in bobbin winder 
15. Keeping current data or work when emergency stop or power off 
16. Mending function. (back and skip stitches under controller) 
17. Switch of Cap/ flat embroidery mode eliminating hitting the frame.
18. Mainboard intergated into control panel protecting from dust or external force. 
19. Lay-out of keys on panel is user-friendly. 
20. Built-in Network



1.  8" High Definition color LCD display and touch screen showing real time stitching

2.  Simple HCI and operation mode Muti language supported,it includes   Chinese,English,Russian,Dutch,Spanish,Portuguese,Turkish,German,Arabic,Thai,Vietnamese.

3.  Main interface monitor machine condition any time.Quick manual trimming,color changing and main shaft inching operation.




2 x Shirt Front Round Hoop 9 cm (3.5") 
2 x Shirt Front Round Hoop 12 cm (4.7") 
2 x Shirt Front Round Hoop 15 cm (5.9") 
2 x Shirt Front Round Hoop 19 cm (7.8") 
2 x Jacket Back Square Hoop 30 x 30 cm (12" x 12") 
1 x Sash Frame 56 x 38 cm (22" x 15")






5.Pattern simples




embroidery samples.png

Packing and Delivery

Delivery term: Production takes around 13 days ship within 7-10days after receiving 100% payment 
Payment term: 30% TT advance payment before production, 70% TT remaining balance before shipping.




Our service
5 year Limited Warranty (Warranty doesn't cover shipping or travel expenses). 
Wanyang Technology Co.,Ltd's warranty applies for the period specified below. The warranty period begins on the date of shipment as indicated on the packing slip or invoice. 

1) Year coverage on all parts Warranty doesn't cover shipping expenses. All machines are repaired on  ORDER Embroidery Machines facility only. 
2) Year coverage on all electrical components such as Free upgrade for the control system, Wiring             Harnesses/Cables, Motors, Solenoids, Switches, Sensors, Rotary Encoders, Fans, Transformers, Light        Fixtures, Circuit Boards/Cards, Controller, Rotary Encoders, and Potentiometers. Customer is responsible for      shipping charges...
3) year coverage on Drive Train Components including Bushings, Bearings, Cams, Gears, Pulleys, Sprockets,    Belts, Chains, Shafts, Drive Cables, and Frame Drive Rails. Customer is responsible for shipping charges. 

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FAQ Hot Questions        

Q: Is this a trustable long-term strategic partner?

A: Just ask our customers, view our company profile, assessment of capability, factory glimpse, and the honor we had. And why not contact us or pay a visit to us?

Q: What service will I get with this buying?

A: Simply at your service: available consultancy before sales, easy communication during sales, easy payment term, smooth and safe delivery of guaranteed quality, and assured timely services after sales.

Q: What kind of embroidery work and embroidery machine do I need?

A: Think: ready-made garment/cap/hat, or garment before sewing, or just flat fabric?

Normal flat stitch, or special chenille/chain/loop stitch, or sequin/paillette, or cord/tape/ribbon to add value to your embroidery?

Q: How many heads do I need and what embroidery area on each head?

A: Think: how big is your factory and how much is your expected production?

The embroidery area on each head depends on the maximum area of your embroidery design to run.

Q: How many stitches do I get per minute (SPM) on each head?

A: Super high speed model gives max. 1500SPM,

High speed model gives max. 1200SPM,

Normal speed model gives max. 1000SPM,

Lower speed model gives max.850SPM.

Q: Do I need the Elite model or economy model?

A: Think: How much would you pay for a machine? What we offer is what you need!

Q: Can I represent and sell ORDER machines in my market?

A: Welcome to join ORDER family and grow to be a strong distributor.






Shenzhen Wanyang technology Co., Ltd is a highly advanced technology enterprise in which design, manufacture and marketing are integrated.We adheres to the value of integrity, innovation, surpass, teamwork, passion, appreciation and win-win policy.


We offer high - quality product and service beyond our customer’s expectation. And we will do our best to be the international lead brand of special embroidery machines and equipments.


The main focus of our company is single head embroidery machine, cap embroidery machine, finished garments embroidery machine,shoes embroidery, multifunctional sewing and embroidery machine, customized service of intelligent and automatic sewing equipment.





Email:liz at wonyo.com
WhatsApp/whatsapp:+86 18926493809

Machine Videos: www.facebook.com/lizchen252525

Welcome to buy the cheap price but high quality 8 head computerized 9 needles embroidery wy1208c for sale from our factory. We are one of the leading embroidery machine manufacturers and suppliers in China who can assure you the good performance of our products. Should you still have any question, welcome to check the reviews.
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