Bordadoras Tajima 6 Cabezas Para Gorras, T-shrits Y Bordados Planos.

Bordadoras Tajima 6 Cabezas Para Gorras, T-shrits Y Bordados Planos.

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bordadoras tajima 6 cabezas Para gorras, t-shrits y bordados planos.

6 Head Industrial Computer Cap Embroidery Machine Hat Sewing Machines Price

Sales person: Christina Meng. WhatsApp:+8618261729837

 6 Heads Embroidery Machine price suitable for  cap, t-shirts, finished garment, jacket, leather clothes, bag, shoes, bead, sequin, cording, chenille, boring, flat embroidery. 6 heads cap embroidery machine with 9/12 needles for sale.
WONYO 6 Heads 9/12 /15 Needle Embroidery Machine Price for Kenya
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Main Features

A.Suitable for flat embroidery, cap embroidery , finished garments embroidery and chain stitch embroidery
B. Free changing between finished garments frame ang cap frame
C.Pattern auto rotation with 180°after changing cap frame unit
D.270° wide cap frame unit 
E. Maximum speed 1200 RPM 
F. Color LCD display showing real time stitching 
G. USB input port with fast data transmission and good compatibility 
H. Auto star and color change,200 times color change seted 
I. Thread break detection 
J. Pre-sew design trace capable 
K. Memory size 2, 000, 000 stitches 
L. Emergency stop ,Prevent accidents
M. Electricity: AC86-264V input available
N. Built-in bobbin winder 
O. Keeping current data or work when emergency stop or power off 
P. Mending function. (back and skip stitches under controller) 
Q. Switch of Cap/ flat embroidery mode eliminating hitting the frame. 
R. Mainboard intergated into control panel protecting from dust or external force. 
S. Lay-out of keys on panel is user-friendly. 

T. Built-in Network 

Touch Screen 
A. Color LCD display showing real time stitching 
B. Manual, Semi-auto, Auto Color Change 
C. Function keys including Menu, Speed up and slow 
D. Multi languages available 
E. Frame-moving keys, Manual Trimming 
F. DOT ket to return to 100 degree 
G. Start, Stop, and emergency Stop 
H. Embroidery Status (Page Up/Page Down), USB Input, 
I. Parameter Settings, Clear, ESC, Enter, etc. 
J. Numeric keys for selection of needles

control panel

 Machine Specifications


Multi Function

Cap/ T-shirt/ Flat/ Garment/ Jacket/ Leather/ 3D Embroidery


Working Speed: 850/ 1000SPM

Embroidery Area

400*450mm per head


Maine Axis

Servo Motor * 1

X-Y Axis

Stepper Motor * 2

X, Y Driving

Reinforced high speed linear guide rail

Control Board

Standard: 12 True Color LCD Screen


Japanese Rotary Hook

Memory Capacity

Standard: 20,000,000 Stitches matched with 200 patterns

Max. Color Change

Auto start and color change, 200 times color change settled

Design Input

By U disk, USB and Transmission from PC to Control System

Readable Data

Compatible with designs of Tajima(DST), Barudan (DSB) and etc.

Safety Device

Standard: Emergency Stop

Multi Languages

12 languages: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese

Main Parts

Japanese Rotary Hook, Germany Groz-Beckert Needles, Italy Brand Belt

Embroidery Trimming

Automatic trimming


AC110-220V, adaptable for any voltage, 50-60HZ

Optional Device

Sequin, Double Seguin, Boring, Cording, Laser trace Device, 8-in-1 Hoop Set, Shoes Device

Pictures for your reference

Cap embroidery

Cap Embroidery Picture

8 heads customer feedback

T-shirt (Finished garment) Embroidery Picture

Flat Embroidery Picture

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