Small Single Head Embroidery Machine Price For Ladies Suits Cap Shirts Embroidery

Small Single Head Embroidery Machine Price For Ladies Suits Cap Shirts Embroidery

Wangyang single head 9 needles small embroidery machine, contact Cindy +8618566298604 for more details.

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Product Details

Small Single Head Embroidery Machine Price for Ladies Suits Cap Shirts Embroidery

1.      Single head machine with 9 needles to meet all of your embroidery needs

2.      With 8'' HD true color LCD touch screen

3.      User-friendly interface with easy-to-understand icons and operation

4.      16 different languages available, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, French, German, Thai, Arabic, etc.

5.      Servo motor enables machine to be more durable and reliable

6.      Patented intelligent thread break detection system

7.      Linear guide rail makes machine more reliable

8.      Low power consumption at 80W.    

9.      Automatic color change      

10.  Automatic thread trimming

11.  Single button with different color display for START and STOP      

12.  On board lettering      

13.  One-step appliqué      

14.  One-step tracing

15.  Machine reads multiple design formats, such as DST, DSB,

16.  Dual CPU to design input/output while machine is in operation  

17.  Pre-set hoops to avoid hitting frames

18.  Position of design within hoop is displayed on screen while in operation

19.  Design automatically rotates 180° when switching from cap to flat (or vice versa) embroidery mode

20.  Recessed USB port to better protect USB flash drive

21.  Automatic data restoration when machine is powered off and later powered back on

22.  While working, the embroidered part will be displayed in color with the unfinished parts in shadows

23.  Digital ON / OFF switch for built-in LED light       

24.  Customizable screen savers available

25.  Ethernet or wireless connection makes it easy for design management on PC

26.  Network capability

27.  Environmentally-friendly heavy duty carton package 

Welcome to buy the cheap price but high quality small single head embroidery machine price for ladies suits cap shirts embroidery for sale from our factory. We are one of the leading embroidery machine manufacturers and suppliers in China who can assure you the good performance of our products. Should you still have any question, welcome to check the reviews.
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